Sunday, December 04, 2005

Birthday present

Well, today's my birthday. 34 years now, ain't it amazing?

Anyway, I can't complain. Although I lack some things in my life that some people would consider basic, such as a mortgage of my own, a car, or a girl(*); well, I work in what I love and I'm surrounded by great friends. The very best.

Besides, I've got a light sabre.

Who the heck cares about a place of their own, having a light sabre?

(*) Notes for the not-spanish: Well, it's not that strange being 34 and single, and not having a car (nor a driving license), and still living with your parents in Spain. I know, I know, in the USA for example that's pretty much the nerdiest resume ever, but hey, try buying a house with our prices and our salaries.