Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Web Messenger

No, just to set a difference with all my fellow bloggers out there I'm not going to talk about Google Talk. Yes, I've installed it and tested it. Minimalist, simple, beautiful and everything else.

But among all the sound and the fury of Google Talk there's another news item that has gone uncovered: Microsoft's Web Messenger, which is just now in its first beta version.

It esentially is, as you can see from its name, a web flavor of its popular instant messaging service, Messenger. It has, logically, some reduced functionality but it works really good towards the basic goal of every IM program: to communicate with your contacts.

Advantages? You don't have to install anything in your computer, you log in with your Passport email and password (just like in the desktop version) and if you happen to be inside a corporate network full of firewalls and other nuisances, you can still talk without a trouble...


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