Wednesday, August 31, 2005


What phony dog poo?
The more or less a month without writing anything here is not because a roughly equivalent holiday time span, lying down doing nohing on a beach somewhere without a keyboard. My wish.

IT's mainly because an inordinate amount of work and the lack of commentable news, or the lack of willingness to comment the news, I don't really know.

But there are a few things I've done worth commenting something, besides working my a$$ out: I (finally!) tried Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, I'm trying to get my third star, I've written my first tech article (spanish), I've begin to read my four new books and I have finished none, and I've generally tried to get the most out of my time.

About Visual Studio 2005, after the very little time I've spent with it, I'm impressed. My first thinking about it was that if VS 2003 was a Ferrari, VS 2005 is an X-Wing.

It includes MS Build, or Microsoft's answer to NAnt, which we'll have to test something more to see if it can really leave unemployed the amazing NAnt's development group or if we'll have to stick to that tool for our automated building needs. Ditto to NUnit and unit testing, task already included to VS 2005. The IDE includes some of the refactoring capabilities brought by ReSharper, which leads me to wonder what ReSharper for 2005 will be able to do, and I'm already grinning. Partial clases are a blast: we'll be able to arrange much more elegantly our source code. If I tell you that Intellisense is simply better I'm making a big understatement. Tooltips showing you your variable values on runtime are light-years away from VS 2003. IDE toolbar and windows docking handles like a dream. Custom data viewers are simply amazing. The creation and handling of controls on Win Forms has been exponentially improved, so the form grid is not really that useful right now. And I haven't tested it for Web Forms yet (you know is not my favorite programming flavour); but only not needing Internet Information Server on the development machine anymore and having its own application server simplifies the IDE installation procedure big time, just for starters.

So when I come to work and I have to fire up VS 2003 I feel almost, almost like the time I had to use VB 6 after having used VS 2003. Obsolete. I'm dying for November.

[EDITED].- I forgot a VS 2005 detail I haven't liked so much. On all the previous versions of Visual Studio, when you wanted to align several controls, you clicked on them while having the CTRL key pressed down, and the you clicked on any of the alignment buttons on the Form tool bar. The order on which we selected controls was important: the last selected control was the leader, so every other selected control was aligned taking that one as a reference. Now, in VS 2005, the leader is the first selected control, which can create some confusion 'til we get used to this fact. There may be an option to make this behave as always, but I haven't investigated the matter further.


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