Monday, June 27, 2005

Giving each one...'s due, as I-don't-know-who said. Eclipse is an IDE primarily focused on Java, although it can be configured to use with another programming languages. In the short interval that I worked with J2EE and used this environment I found good things, and others not so good.

One of the good things is actually very feeble, but I got so used to it that I decided to bring it to VS 2003. On Microsoft's IDE, if you want to comment away a selected source code block, the default keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + K and then Ctrl+C. That's, saying it nicely, quite cumbersome compared to the simple and elegant Ctrl + 7 commenting on/off switch on Eclipse.

So I've made a custom keyboard layout (VS 2003 doesn't allow you to modify the base layout) which I've called Eclipse, of course, and I've entered that way of commenting and un-commenting code.

The procedure is quite simple: at Tools, Options menu you have to select Keyboard. On there you search for Edition.SelkectionWithComments and then you asign the new keyboard combination clicking on Shortcut keys replacing the one there with your own. It'll ask you how you want to name the new keyboard layout VS is going to create. And that's it. For un-commenting code you'll want to search for Edition.SelectionWithoutComments and assign the keys combination of your choosing.

[NOTE].- This post is translated from Spanish (as all the rest, this blog's primary language is Spanish). Although I do my best with the translations and do them by hand instead of using Google or Bablefish, I don't have a english copy of VS 2003, so the actual names of menus may change. You have been warned.


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