Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Contact grouping in GMail

Let's say we want to create a group containing three emails:, y You want the group to be called Buddies, for example.
What you need to do is create a new contact, just as if you were adding a new email adress to our GMail adresses list, and call it Buddies. In the textbox for the email, you have to insert the following character string:>,<>,<

As you can see, this means that each email adress you add to this contact is to be separated with a comma (b>,) from the next adress and between the lesser than (<) and the greater than (>) symbols, except the first and the last email adresses. The frist one doesn't need the < character at the beginning and the last adress doesn't need the > character at the end. This is so because GMail automatically adds this two characters to the string you enter as email.

Once you're finished, presto! you'll have a contact containing three (or as many as you want) email adresses. =)


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