Monday, January 03, 2005


I don't know you, but it's really difficult for me to avoid temptation. Worse even when it's so easy sinning as to buy at El Corte Ingles website. Yeah, there are lots of places cheaper, but when you want to spend big dollars on a gadget, I prefer to know that I'll be able to return the gadget if I don't like it and no questions asked. Besides, this little codecruncher is not precisely a millionaire, and the possibility of financing this purchase is really easy and really tempting.

And that's all she wrote: this very morning, after some clicks I've bought myself an iPAQ rx3715. It looks really, really, really good. My original idea was to read a lot of PDF files, without having to print them and carry them all around. But, looking how many features and accesories it has, I'll have to refresh my very rusty knowledge about Pocket PC programming, including .NET Compact Framework and the wonderful third party library OpenNet CF.


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