Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I'm sure you have my same problem. You're using several email lists, BitTorrent trackers, forums, email accounts, intant messaging services, online banks, and a lot of different web sites or services requiring the usual login/password combination. The proper thing to do is to have a different combination for each, but that requires an astounding memory, so the vast mayority of users choose the same solution: same login and same password for a lot of sites. Of course, if that combination should be one day compromised we would be in deep trouble.

That's the reason why programs such as KeePass exist. Thanks to them we can keep all our access codes. There are a lot of them avaliable, but this one if one of the best I've tried: very secure, really easy to use, with a nice GUI and completely free.

All our login/passwords are stored on a propietary format and encrypted database. The program open using a central password (which from now on will be the only one to memorize) or using a key disk. The problem from now on will be to keep a constant backup of that database, because if we lose it will be surely fucked.


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