Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I used to go with the excellent Wise Installer for the setup of my applications, both to the freelance ones as the corporate ones. I liked it so much it made me forgetr the much upgradeable (although, to tell the truth, it's been ages since I last reviewed it, so I don't really know its capabilities now) Install Shield.

But Visual Studio 2003 made me forget both tools. What I now usually do when I program a Windows Forms application is to create a solution integrating two projects: one for the application itself and the other one for the application installer program. VS 2003 detects perfectly all the dependencies (at least, that's been my experience until now), including those for Crystal Reports and filth as that; and it adds them to the installation project without further trouble.

Speaking about this, the following white paper from Microsoft seems very proper: Using Visual Studio .NET to Redistribute the .NET Framework.


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