Wednesday, December 01, 2004


All of us know how stressing our profession can be: schedule deadlines approaching fast, code bugs we're unable to see, lazy partners, inept analysts, idiot bosses, crybabies users,... you know the picture.

The traditional remedies against stress included, until now, rubber balls, to go to the bathroom and cry, go to a field and shout your lungs out, etc...That's history: now we have Soldat.

Soldat is a 2D multiplayer shooter utterly vicious: really easy to handle, really fast to set-up and play and completely brutal. It's perfect for any firm's development team to use that half-hour left of the meal time in wasting adrenalin, de-tox and get ready to face problems with a better attitude.

Take that for granted if you can get your lazy partners or the inept analysts or the idiot bosses to play. It's always good to be able to kick their guts out,... virtually speaking, of course.


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