Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Some people, who must be really bored, have created the FVZA, or Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. A good laugh because, of course, it's not for real.

On the other hand, and clicking link after link I'm glad to discover that in the U. S. of A. there's still some intelligent life, after all.


I used to go with the excellent Wise Installer for the setup of my applications, both to the freelance ones as the corporate ones. I liked it so much it made me forgetr the much upgradeable (although, to tell the truth, it's been ages since I last reviewed it, so I don't really know its capabilities now) Install Shield.

But Visual Studio 2003 made me forget both tools. What I now usually do when I program a Windows Forms application is to create a solution integrating two projects: one for the application itself and the other one for the application installer program. VS 2003 detects perfectly all the dependencies (at least, that's been my experience until now), including those for Crystal Reports and filth as that; and it adds them to the installation project without further trouble.

Speaking about this, the following white paper from Microsoft seems very proper: Using Visual Studio .NET to Redistribute the .NET Framework.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Google keeps at it

While you wait for Google to keep its promise to open the libraries of some very important universities, you can check this out:Google Scholar, another Google service in beta testing. As you can read on its About section, Google Scholar is a Google searcher specialised on academic data searching.

I don't know you, but the guys at Google are beginning to look a little scary to me,...

UPDATED: At the same time, Microsoft launches its dsktop search, MSN Toolbar suite. Let's try it.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Eclipsing .NET

On this article, Kyle Gabhart explains to us how to use the plugin developed by Improve Technologies in order to use Eclipse as a C# development platform. It's still a long, long way from Visual Studio, but it's a start.

Enough with season gifts and all that crap, it was about time I posted something serious. ;)

More suggestions

Keeping the seasons spirits (and commercial interests) up, this also looks good. It comes with a Wi-Fi connection and I've been told that it'll have online playing capabilities. Cool.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Thinking about Christmas

And I hate its guts. But if any kind person reading this should be so kind as to give me this geeky silly thing as a gift, surely my jolly season spirit would climb up.

3D Developer Studio for Visual Basic .NET

And it's free. You can download it here. We'll keep you informed about this, as long as the damn Mandrake and RentACoder allows me the time to test it...

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


All of us know how stressing our profession can be: schedule deadlines approaching fast, code bugs we're unable to see, lazy partners, inept analysts, idiot bosses, crybabies users,... you know the picture.

The traditional remedies against stress included, until now, rubber balls, to go to the bathroom and cry, go to a field and shout your lungs out, etc...That's history: now we have Soldat.

Soldat is a 2D multiplayer shooter utterly vicious: really easy to handle, really fast to set-up and play and completely brutal. It's perfect for any firm's development team to use that half-hour left of the meal time in wasting adrenalin, de-tox and get ready to face problems with a better attitude.

Take that for granted if you can get your lazy partners or the inept analysts or the idiot bosses to play. It's always good to be able to kick their guts out,... virtually speaking, of course.