Monday, November 29, 2004

It's war!

I'm utterly convinced there's a bunch of people ready and willing to transform the current controversy in a full blown war between browsers, willing to use the foulest tricks in the universe just to make their chosen option the winner.

Please indulge me in a little experiment. Let's open the following link, first using Firefox and then using Internet Explorer. It's in spanish, but that's irrelevant.


You've realised, of course, how crappy the page is displayed in Internet Explorer. The link was emailed to me by a friend, as an example on a poorly done page. But I thought something more was going on: it was so badly done it had to be done like that on purpose. And, of course, that's the answer.

I you open the source code for it we find out the page loads a CSS file, estilo.css. If we download said file we'll be able to find, just in the BODY instruction a quite suspicious line of code:filter: 'Blur()'

Well, well, welll,... that seems to be a CSS trait native to Explorer, for displaying text special effects, and not recognised by another browsers. Used wisely can show really nice looking effects.

Use it like a bastard (he can't plead error or incompetence in this case: he's used Blur() without a single parameter, please) it's only use is a pathetic example of making I don't exactly know which stupid pledge to I don't know which stupid ideals. Or maybe this is the poor excuse of a hacking this guy knows.

Luckily, the vast majority of people getting into this crap of a web page using IE (90% of potential users, by the latest polls) instead of investigating why it displays so hideously ugly; they'll use Google to find the same information in another place and everyone happy. If this is somekind of a gesture by this guy, I seems to me an idiocy bordering excellence.


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