Monday, October 18, 2004

VB .NET PowerPack

I've always though that I had already blogged this set of utilities for .NET; but I needed the other day and I wasn't able to find them, so I guess I've dreamed about blogging them and finally I didn't. Anyway.

In the end I've used Google (d'oh!) and after some working dodging Amazon and ISBN references (there's a book by almost the same title) I found them. It's a GotDotNet workspace, which comes to be the .NET equivalent to SourceForge.

The thing is that the VB PowerPack is a group of controls REALLY useful, which I don't know why are not avaliable from .NET out-of-the-box (Folder and File viewers come to mind). This is the full list:

  • BlendPanel Control

  • UtilityToolbar Control

  • ImageButton Control

  • NotificationWindow Control

  • TaskPane Control

  • FolderViewer and FileViewer Controls

And just in case, here you have a quite complete MSDN white paper explaining them.



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