Friday, October 22, 2004


Yesterday, after several attempts over the years I finally did it, bwa-ha-ha-ha.

Do you remember Master of Orion?

That game (IMNSHO the best space strategy game of all time), published by Microprose in 1993, has always been able to keep me awake at night much better than Coca-Cola, much better than coffe and much better than Jolt Cola. Fuck next-day's high-school, I was busy planning interstellar wars.

The game had two sequels and a lot of imitators, neither of them remotely as funny.

And since Windows is not a shell over MS-DOS I haven't been able to play MoO. Until now.

Steps for conquering the galaxy:

  1. Download the game for free (it's abandonware) from Underdogs. In the same page you have a link for downloading the game's manual, you have to download because the copy protection is in the manual. Don't forget.

  2. Next, download DOSBox, a DOS emulator avaliable for a lot of operative systems.

  3. DOSBox has no GUI, so get this frontend: D-Fend. Besides, Además, here you'll find some people's impressions about DOSBox and the game.

Setting up the frontend and everything else is relatively simple, so I won't keep posting detailed instructions about how to do it,... unless you ask for it. :)


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