Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Cursing in Java

Still alive, although up to here with the paradigm change: Java is a jungle!! This last three days I've read more websites, downloading books (legal and free, uh?) and generally soaking myself before starting to work with an specific IDE (and it seems that my firm uses Eclipse, with some plugins as Lomboz, and the application server JBOSS). There's a very good tutorial on using these here and aqui. But frankly, I don't think I could start right away programming a Bean using Eclipse and Lomboz and the rest of the circus: you can't start building a house by the ceiling, no matter the hurry you are in.

That's why I've decided to learn directly from the best, and I've bought via Amazon this book: Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition. Yeah, I know that this book (among others) is avaliable totally for free here.

But even knowing that, and that I'm already reading it on its electronic edition for the last two days, I've spent some $68 on buying it. I still prefer good old paper. But check this out: the book is around $32, I don't remember exactly, and I've payed some $36 only in UPS, because I've asked for the option of a courier service instead of normal postal service: I made my order yesterday (Sept. 7) and I'll get the book tomorrow, the 9th. I've already received a phone call from the courier offices in Spain to confirm it, in fact.

And I haven't asked for this kind of delivery because I'm in so much hurry to get the book (I'm not), or because I have my boss hitting my back with a whip for making me learn faster (I haven't). The thing is that the book price plus the courier service is still cheaper than the cost of an IT book some 1200+ pages on any Spanish bookstore; and that without taking into account that 3rd edition it's still unpublished here, to the extent of my knowledge. So I've made my calculations and I've afford the cockiness.

Plus, it seems that the guys at Sun are giving the finishing touches of the new version of the JDK (1.5), which comes to mean that a new version of the language is coming, which comes to mean that Eckel is finishing the 4th edition of his book. Ergo, as the Architect would say, I've bought a little obsolete book.

On a completely different note (and technology), I was surfing and snorkeling around the web soaking myself in Java and I get this: Anatomy of a software bug. It's an amazing post on Rick Schaut's blog, about how difficult it is to maintain some software projects, by giving us an insider point of view on MS Word's development. Really, really interesting.

Keep on reading.


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