Monday, August 09, 2004

Towards a new paradigm?

Today I've been grabbed by my technical director and I've had a meeting with him, like that, very early on a Monday morning and without previous notice.

The thing is that he hasn't see me working before (I've always been working on our client's offices), but he says he likes my working style, my way of investigating and developing, that I'm proactive, which comes to mean that I work like a mule, but saying it nicely. And I guess that's what firms want nowadays: a guy eager to work on working hours, out of working hours, on weekends, even slept. Jeez. Proactive.

The thing is that what I've been offered it's not bad: I'm out of the rooster of programmers avaliable to work on client's offices and I begin to be part of the in-house development team for internal and external projects, whithout leaving the office.

Doing what? Well, if there's some new .NET project, I'll do that. If there isn't (and that's the trend now, trend that I simply don't understand), I have to migrate to Java. Yuck.

Right now I'm only thinking on my future holidays (next friday, here I come!) and by September, when I'm back, I'll start again being a junior programmer, learning Java all by myself. No way they'll pay me some classes, no, it's cheaper (for them) that I'm the one doing the study via internet tutorials, practices, books (that I have to buy from my own money, of course) and banging my head against my desk in frustation every once in a while. Spanish version of IT learning. Nice, uh?

And I better learn quick, because I'm already enrolled in a team which has to develop an 8-month Java application, using a lot of things that right now sound like Chinese babbling to me.

I'll try to continue this blog focus on .NET. But don't be frightened if every once in a while I start talking crap like packages instead of namespaces, being unable of multiple inheritance, the complete exercise in frustation that is trying to debug anything on Eclipse, and so on.

Oh, my.


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