Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Oh, yeah. My worst fears have come true and that sucker Bryan (my RaC customer gets away and is not going to pay me the pittance of $250 for a complete, full web application he's got; and the net result is that he gets the complete package for a lousy sum of $75. Of course, I only had left the negative rating I've endorsed him on RaC's rating system, so next coders working for him know what to expect from this low-life no-paying scum. Let me copypaste, 'cause I don't wanna keep thinking about this. This is the rating I've posted for him on RaC which sort of comprises the whole story:

This buyer has, quite simply, deceived me. My initial bid for him was $150, but he told me it was too high. I told him that I really wanted to do the job and that I was willing to make a bid of $75, but that he was going to give me an aditional $75 bonus when the web application was up, running and giving him some money. My fatal mistake was to propose this via a MSN chat, instead of Rent a Coder's bidding system.
After that, he made a lot of modifications to the interface design, database design, and what the application can do: from a simple candle selling website it became a full-fledged application with email sending capability, rich text editing, users handling, database and content manipulation and so on.
After all that modifications were done or in the works (not before making it, I'm that dumb) I asked him for an aditional $100, to make the total $250. He didn't reply anything, so I thought it was okay with him. I finished the application, uploaded and set it on his server, gave him the source code and helped him with a configuration problem on his computer. And then I waited for him to accept the work as 100% complete, to no avail. I waited for a month.
On another previous project, this guy put me a '1' rating because he couldn't contact me for a week. In this very project, this guy started an arbitration because I told him that I was moving to another country because of work and maybe it was impossible for me to finish it, after all it was only 98% completed. And he put this in arbitration a whole day after I told him the news. Really patient.
And after a month of waiting for him to accept the project (and after seeing him evade me on MSN, and knowing he was logging to RaC and attending other bids except mine), I can't stand it anymore and I put it on arbitration. His response? to accept the work as 100% complete and pay me... my initial bid of $75. When I remind him of our arrangement, he doesn't even take the time to reply me. So this guy now has a full-fledged, complete and working web application for the money I spent in cigarettes last week.
Yes, it's my fault and I've learned my lesson. Learn from my experience, guys, and never, ever make an arrangement with any customer (it doesn't matter how well you think you know them) outside RaC's site. If you do and things go wrong, it's their word against yours, and RaC's facilitators and arbitrators cannot do anything about it. It's that simple.

Son of a bitch.

By the way, excuse my french, folks; but I'm really, really angry. It won't happen again.


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