Saturday, July 24, 2004

A new book

I've just received the last book I've bougth thru Amazon (UK), .Net Compact Framework Programming with C#. I think it's quite good: clearly indexed and referenced, quite complete and with good, understandable examples. But of course it hasn't helped me to solve my problems, but that's the problem when you need very specific help and you only have access to generalist resources. Anyway, the book introduced me to Windows CE Developers, an email list hosted in Yahoogroups. In fact, Paul Yao, one of the authors of the book is a regular there and he has kindly replied me to a couple of questions. Deep thanks and best of lucks to him from this blog.

Speaking about other matters, my $250 bid for the new/old project in RaC has been accepted withouth a hassle. Seems like my nes customer is going tobe more likable than the last one(s). I'll keep you informed about this, with screen captures and some code, as soon as I get the time.

And about the PDAs project for my official job, we're making a slow but steady progress. I still don't know how to authorise myself to a WAN, but at least I've been able to refine (and understand) a lot my P/Invoking techniques thanks to this MSDN white papers:

An Introduction to P/Invoke and Marshaling on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework


Advanced P/Invoke on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework

Really good (and really complicated) articles which show how you must cast types, how you must declare the variables and non-administered code, etc... Everything that's needed to use the Windows CE .NET API, and sadly you'll have to use it a lot. And I say, why are they comercialicing such an stripped version of the Framework? I agree it has to be much smaller than the normal desktop Framework, but I also think it should be a little more complete in some areas, for
example in the Interop assemblies, the management of unmanaged code, and the P/Invoking of APIs.

Trick.- Using Visual Studio .NET, both 2002 and 2003 versions, you can make a coordinated text selection. Instead of the normal line by line selector, if you click in some point of you code and then press and keep pressed the ALT key, move you mouse until it forms the desired area: violá, exactly that block of code is now selected for copying, cutting or deleting.


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