Saturday, July 24, 2004

My new personal project

Well, today I start a new project at Rent a Coder. In fact it is a revision (more like a remake, although I do hope to make a better work than Gus Van Sant) of a program I did last year (in fact, it was my very first program for RaC), which consists of a small accounting application for eBay.

Well, there's another customer who read the bid description, thought he needed something like that and asked me: I provided him a demo version (in fact it was a complete version, but with the hard-coded inability to store more than 10 records in any table); and after checking the demo version he has decided that the program is perfect for him.

But I'm dealing with the old conflict of intellectual property and things like that. I've already sold that application (along with the source code, which by the agreement you sign on RaC belongs to the client); and selling this guy the exact same application is not ethic. Besides, I guess this client is not going to be the only user of the app, because he has also expressed interest in the demo version.

So I've proposed the client to improve the existing software: make it with VB .NET, instead of VB 6; using ADO .NET instead of ADO 2.6, and a database change: from Access (puagh!) to MSDE.

With that I believe I'm selling him a new program. After all, is not as if the previous program had IA routines, or complex mathematical functions or anything like that. A simple program for simple needs.

And I'm getting a bit tired of RaC, frankly; not only are my time and effort more valuable than the miserable amounts of money than buyers pay there. The previous client paid me $150 for a complete windows application, with 7 forms, database management and exporting, reporting capabilities and so on. And on top of that he wanted (and he got) it documented, with online help and an installation program. And, of course, he also wants to maintain the intellectual rights over my work for $150, which is more or less the money I expend a month in cigarettes. Maybe a guy living in India considers that a fair prize for a job, but not me pal.

Frell him.

I'm asking $250 from the next guy. ;)


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